The next Electrovision and the first one in 2011 will be part of the London Short Film Festival and present a lineup in keeping with the short film theme. Specially selected for this night we have four outstanding cinematic live narrative performances in store for you.

  The Roxy Bar and Screen
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB
(Next to Sainsbury's)

8:00pm - 12:00am
Saturday, 15th of January 2011
£5 at the door



8:00 The Lightsurgeons - LDN-REDUX

The Light Surgeons operate as a multi-media production company from a base in east London. Their work spans film, motion graphics, print, photography, installations, exhibitions and live performance. LDN-REDUX is a live remix of the Museum of London installation 'LDN24' and presents an anthropomorphic portrait of London that reveals the abstract dance of this 24-hour city. It explores the capital as a physical organism and the resulting 30 minute film charts a daily cycle of the city.



9:00 Massive Myst Movement - Greetings from Holidays

Ahh beautiful Malta, if you go to the south of Sicily across the Mediterranean, you will come to this wonderful tiny picturesque island nation, with stunning architecture from throughout the ages. Holidays to Malta offer a vast array of things to do which keeps visitors going back for breaks for year after year. 'Greetings from Holidays' is a live perfromance by Annabelle Galea "Numberina", Piotr Nierobisz "Neon" and Mario Sammut "Cygna".



9:40 ExLex - Code36

ExLex is a VJ group based in Budapest and created by two young media artists, Matyas Kalman and Daniel Besnyo, who are both founders of the Hungarian VJ movement and the independent studio, VJ Centrum. Originally designed for Sanfranciscobeat's thechno album, CODE36, is an outstandingly beautuful and atmospheric film presented in a live cinema format. It is a unique fusion of techno music and silent film, introducing sights of Hungary from an original, modern point of view.



10:50 The Butchers - Assemblage

The Butchers is a collective of creative people working both visually and with audio. "Digital Assemblage" is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional composition is made from found images. Our set is a cinematic experience composed by "collage" from our video repertory; images of the city, body, and found objects merge into a visual essay of contemporary enviroments.